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Circular’s walking equivalency & steps counter

The Circular ring continuously monitors your activity. Thanks to movement sensors, Circular correlates the data to determine whether you walk or run to count your number of steps.

Circular compares your daily steps with your history and scientific recommendations to assess whether you are taking the minimum number of steps to maintain good health. Circular takes into account your weight-height ratio and your age to give you a minimum steps score to reach.

You can see the progress of your daily steps goal by looking at your daily metrics in your activity circle. There will be a red, orange or green dot that will tell you if you are far from your goal when it is red, almost at your daily goal and green when you have reached your daily goal.

As you have shared your physiological data (age, height, weight) when you create an account on the app, Circular also correlates these data to approximate your step stride depending on whether you run or walk. If you know your step stride distance you can edit it in the menu > profile > profile information.

By multiplying the number of steps and your step stride, Circular calculates your walking equivalency distance. As this is only an approximation, we are working to make this data more accurate on a later version of the app where you will have the possibility to do a test thanks to the gps of your phone to precisely define your step stride when you walk and run.

The Circular ring is the most unobtrusive solution to count your steps & your walking distance as well as your vital signs at any moment.

You can read the article about Circular’s calories burned.


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