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Release Notes

Mobile App

December 07, 2022

- Discard potential steps when ring is unworn

- Improved performance


October 14, 2022

- Reduced vibration intensity to save battery

- Guided breathing new feature compatibility

- Green led PPG compatibility for future use


September 22, 2022

- Bluetooth auto disconnect after ring inactivity implemented

- Bugfix for soft reset

- Bugfix for step counter and activity recognition


September 9, 2022

- Bugfix for smart alarm feature

- Bugfix for accelerometer

- Bugfix for battery percentage during charging and reboot


August 19, 2022

- Bugfix for live measurement session

- Bugfix for step counter, battery percentage

- Bugfix for finger detection


July 23, 2022

- No vibration under 15%

- Enhanced electronic support

- Better testing


July 17, 2022

- Implement frequency switch for PPG (sport, performance, eco mode)


- Testing improvement


- Implementation of green light PPG support


February 2, 2023


Bug fixes

- Manual synchronization triggers correctly
- Bluetooth connection improvement with ID logic
- Improved performance: not crashing anymore with long data synching


January 27, 2023


- Current streak is displayed above the Global score card in the profile section
- Info points are added near the wake up, sleep and energy scores when no data is displayed
- Global score card in the profile section displays "Poor", "Good" or "Optimal"

Bug fixes

- The ring can't connect to the phone anymore after a ring unpair
- Day settings for alarm clocks is fixed for every timezone
- Adding notes for certain times don't duplicate or crash anymore
- UI is fixed for the ring setup failed page & forget password page
- Daily metrics are displayed for the correct day and for every timezone
- Wake up score in alarm clock circle displays correctly for every timezone
- Sleep staging graph in the sleep circle displays correctly for every timezone


January 13, 2023


- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Wake Up score and wake up details display correctly in the alarm clock circle for negative timezone users
- Temperature variation on new home page is displayed when equal 0 and displays a "+" when positive
- Temperature variation on new home page is compatible with both °C & °F settings
- 30 days SpO2 graph displays the correct daily SpO2 values
- Leaderboard is fixed but still display only 50 first users (fix ongoing) + improving UI components
- Removing of non-wear filter on the sleep and activity duration overview in the respective circles until it is fixed for all timezones
- Profile picture upload is fixed


January 4, 2023


- New UI release
- Rework of ring's synchronization flow for more clarity on when the data is ready to display
- Secondary feed option with important metrics release
- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Global scores & References in Guided breathing are now well displayed for negative UTC timezones


December 7, 2022


- Improved performance
- Improved local cache
- Improved offline mode
- Add pop up information for airplane mode

Bug fixes


November 8, 2022


- Quick access option added to switch ring data mode faster
- Miles format for distances is supported when activated in the settings
- Automated issues & maintenance in-app alert
- Gold, silver and bronze medals added in the leaderboard for the top 3 users

Bug fixes


October 31, 2022


- Improved general stability
- Data synchronization in background works for 15 min

Bug fixes

- Profile advanced info now modifies correctly
- "Last synch" in manage my ring is fixed
- Bug fix of white screen in Sleep analysis and Activity analysis circles after data synchronisation
- Bug fix on added notes close to midnight and negative timezone
- Ring synchronizes to the app whenever you open the app
- App reconnects correctly to the ring after an app update
- Modal for data mode does not ask to reappear indefinitely
- Improved description for snooze and smart snooze
- Dark mode fix
- Improved animation for recommandation answers drop down


September 30, 2022


- Report for Guided breathing: Heart Rate, HRV, Heart coherence and comparison with daily metrics
- Finishing guided breathing exercise adds a custom note to calendar
- Add pop up information to guided breathing circle
- Automatic data synchronization when connecting to a ring

Bug fixes


September 30, 2022


- Guided breathing circle release
- More information in the sleep and activity circles
- 1 step added in the tutorial about the burger menu
- More recommandations added
- Use of GIF available for the profile picture and in the leaderboard on iOS

Bug fixes

- Pie chart and sleep stage graph
- Graph sizes are now harmonized
- Favorite list of notes is working correctly
- Bluetooth fix
- Dark mode fix


September 20, 2022


- See unworn ring time on the Sleep and Activity duration chart
- Soft reset of rings after setup is now seamless
- Chronotype lifestyle recommendation in Profil > Advanced info is properly working
- More recommandation implemented after calibrations

Bug fixes

- Activity data is displayed properly after a ring synchronization
- Timer is now disabled when ring is not connected
- Bluetooth connection improvement
- Leaderboard UI is now correct after a new month start


September 08, 2022


- Improved UI between mode eco and performance
- Improved UI of recommendations
- Adding more steps in the onboarding tutorial about calendar and adding notes
- Allowing replay of onboarding tutorial
- Adding more information in the Live measurement circle and allowing replay of tutorials
- See awake time during sleep periods on the main sleep duration graph of the sleep circle
- Display of charging % in "My Ring" menu
- Improve display of sleep stage graph

Bug fixes

- Loading during synch can't goes beyond 100%
- Management of connection loss during the firmware update
- UI of Sleep duration pie chart & Activity duration pie chart
- Dark Mode
- Firmware version display after a firmware update
- Bottom sheet
- Pixilated pictures
- Reconnection issues with the ring
- Heart Rate alerts fix
- Quick Access alarm settings with smart snooze and smart alarm


August 23, 2022


- Dark theme option is available in settings
- New step added into the onboarding tutorial detailing the scroll down gesture for manual synchronization of the ring data
- Automatic synchronization of ring data when connecting to the ring at the launch of the app
- SpO2 in Live measurement and contributor for iOS (was already available for android)

Bug fixes

- Connections problem with the ring
- Quick access bar apparition
- Advanced info selection
- Beta version banner on the home page
- Eco mode impact on graphs and data
- Add a note
- Various graphs
- Alarm clock bug
- Streak in the leaderboard and the calendar



- Added Eco and performance mode support
- Current Ring Firmware Banner in the Home, comment the Banner App version
- Added a banner to show when no ring is connected
- Added animations for new recommendations in the feed
- Added swipe gesture for menu on iOS

Bug fixes

- Activity graph as been accidentally replaced with a Sleep graph
- Autofill last used email when logout
- Center text in stride bottomsheet
- Display wording weekends
- Fix live popup ui, and display condition
- Fixed missing translations
- Focus in the SixDigitInput when field is empty
- Force semantic release fix
- Fixes various graph bugs
- Locale sync when logging out
- Profile pic too large custom error message
- Resting heart rate graph fix


- Initial store release