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Release Notes

Mobile App

May 23, 2023

- Green LED activation: improved vitals monitoring

- New peak detection algorithm: improved sleep stages & vitals monitoring

- Unique Opti mode: improved battery life


April 03, 2023

- Button vibration is triggered as soon as the button is clicked

- Live measurements values are now recorded as metrics

- Fix of the battery display in case the battery is very low but appears to be full

- Bluetooth connection is faster


December 07, 2022

- Discard potential steps when ring is unworn

- Improved performance


October 14, 2022

- Reduced vibration intensity to save battery

- Guided breathing new feature compatibility

- Green led PPG compatibility for future use


September 22, 2022

- Bluetooth auto disconnect after ring inactivity implemented

- Bugfix for soft reset

- Bugfix for step counter and activity recognition


September 9, 2022

- Bugfix for smart alarm feature

- Bugfix for accelerometer

- Bugfix for battery percentage during charging and reboot


August 19, 2022

- Bugfix for live measurement session

- Bugfix for step counter, battery percentage

- Bugfix for finger detection


July 23, 2022

- No vibration under 15%

- Enhanced electronic support

- Better testing


July 17, 2022

- Implement frequency switch for PPG (sport, performance, eco mode)


- Testing improvement


- Implementation of green light PPG support


May 23, 2023


- Green LED compatibility (improved sleep stages and vitals monitoring)
- Kira identity rework & animation for thinking while loading the recommandations
- The Global Score becomes the Wellness Score
- Replace ring static images by animations
- "Open for napping" setting has been activated. Disabling the option will disable nap detection
- Japanese language is now supported
- Explanative pop up for Ideal Sleep duration and Ideal Bedtime on the home metric dashboard
- Deleting Perf & Eco mode. Replaced with a unique Opti mode (except during the calibration period)

Bug fixes

- Onboarding tutorial can't be stuck anymore
- Multi ring management is fixed
- Keyboard won't hide the prompt bar of the website's chat in the help section
- Sport sessions are now displayed correctly
- Default language for the help section is now adapted to app language
- Managed borders in the app
- Nap card in the home dashboard appears the correct day
- Mandatory app update UI is fixed
- Adding a note won't crash the app
- The app won't display -100 for scores
- Fix scores calculations


May 04, 2023


- NEW FEATURE: You can now create a customized guided breathing program: Set your own time for "Inhale", "Hold and "Exhale" and number of cycles
- NEW FEATURE: Breathing programs can play sounds, you can activate / deactivate
- Your smartphone screen can't go to sleep during a data synch, live measurement or guided breathing anymore.

Bug fixes

- Improved translation
- Low internet connection won't stuck the app anymore
- Nap card on metric dashboard is now showing the right day
- Live measurement data accuracy is now refreshed instantly
- Ideal time to go to bed information on the home page is correctly displayed if you have an alarm clock for the following day


April 24, 2023


- NEW FEATURE: You can now edit the number of cycles/length of your pre-built guided breathing program

Bug fixes

- Ideal sleep duration card is not cut anymore on big screens
- Offline mode pop up is not triggered infinitely anymore
- Live measurement: the quality of signal is no longer shown before it starts


April 18, 2023


- NEW FEATURE: Added a new card about personalized sleep duration and time to go to bed in the home page metric dashboard (you need to activate an alarm clock)
- Added a star animation screen when you are in a streak
- Added an animated screen every day of the calibration period that mentions the remaining days
- Added an animated screen at the end of the calibration period
- Added a battery logo on the home page when the ring's battery is below 10%

Bug fixes

- Connection to the ring in disconnected mode is possible
- You can't be stuck on the splash screen when your internet connection is slow anymore
- Profile always displays the streak count even when there is no data uploaded
- Improved UI for the onboarding on iOS
- Added a date limit to birth date
- Improved finger zone in Guided breathing circle for android users
- The bottom sheets for pairing and date format do not reappear endlessly
- Manage Circles: improved shadow
- Temperature graph in sleep circle: the ordinate 0 line is always visible
- Live measurement circle: improved UI for the % of Max hr


March 30, 2023


- Redesign of calendar day selection and navigation in the sleep and energy circle
- Redesign of graph components
- Live measurement heart rate and steps are now saved and will show in the graphs and daily metrics
- Live measurement shows whole number for SpO2

Bug fixes

- Alarm Clock keyboard does not go over name label anymore
- Alarm clock activation toggle for day repetition is fixed for 6 days selection
- Calendar future date selection is not possible anymore
- When you have no internet connection, the information banner is displayed correctly


March 16, 2023


- Integration of the "Opti" mode which stands for “Optimized Mode”. It will automatically switch to Performance Mode around your personal sleeping timing and switch back to Eco Mode outside of it. This will result in an increase in battery life. You must finish your calibration period before using the Opti mode
- Improvement of steps counting

Bug fixes


February 28, 2023


- Loading animation added in the Leaderboard
- Loading animation added for all graphs

Bug fixes

- Date format setting are fixed
- The display of non-wear periods on the sleep circle duration graph has been activated
- Alarm clock won't duplicate anymore and will be removable
- The 12h time format displays correctly on the wake up time of the wake up score
- Abscise day legend are correct for all graphs in all time zone
- Display sleep contributors if they are actually equal to 0
- Display "+0" for temperature variation in the new dashboard if it is actually 0

Some known timezone-dependent features are still being checked and will be fixed very soon:

- Cardio points & Steps still have issues for some timezones


February 22, 2023


- Display a data loading on every graph instead of "no data": especially for the 30 days graphs
- Display the ring serial number or error code when there is an issue with connecting the ring
- No more display of the wake up score contributor in the energy circle when in eco mode
- Name modification from "Activity analysis circle" to "Energy analysis circle"

Bug fixes

- Display "0 min" instead of "No data " in the sleep stage graph legend
- Display "0 min" instead of "No data " in the activity intensity graph legend
- Fix 7 day activity intensities graph & 30 day heart rate graph in the energy analysis circle

Some known timezone-dependent features are still being checked and will be fixed very soon:

- Cardio points & Steps still have issues for some timezones
- Display of the days first letters in the abscise of the graphs are shifted for negative timezones (UTC -X)
- Alarm clock may be duplicated or impossible to suppress
- The display of non-wear periods on the sleep circle duration graph has been deactivated


February 17, 2023


- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Activity data displays correctly across the app (steps, distances, cardio points, active minutes, and activity intensities)
- Sleep score contributors don't disappear when no data anymore
- Sleep and activity duration graphs correctly display when selecting same day on the calendar

Some known timezone-dependent features are still being checked and will be fixed very soon:

- 7 day Activity intensities & 30 day heart rate graph in activity analysis
- The display of non-wear periods on the sleep circle duration graph has been deactivated


February 10, 2023


- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Time format (AM/24h) is applied correctly to core sleep report on the new dashboard
- The Wake up score in the activity analysis circle and on the home page displays correctly
- Streak stars are displayed on the right calendar day
- Display of naps in the sleep circle duration graph has been activated
- Count of steps, distances, cardio points, active minutes, and activity intensities is set for each timezone
- UI sizing of the core sleep report on the new dashboard has been optimized

Some known timezone-dependent features are still being checked and will be fixed very soon:

- Display of naps in the sleep circle duration graph can be wrong in some conditions
- The coloring between start of sleep and end of sleep can be wrong
- The display of non-wear periods on the sleep circle duration graph has been deactivated


February 7, 2023


Bug fixes

- Ring data is displayed on the correct calendar day across all timezones
- Ring name display correctly after a ring change

Some known timezone-dependent features are still being checked and will be fixed very soon:

- Count of steps, distances, cardio points, active minutes, and activity intensities
- Display of naps in the sleep circle duration graph has been deactivated
- Display of non-wear period on the sleep circle duration graph has been deactivated
- Display of wake-up score on the home page may have issues
- Display of streak star may be displayed on the wrong calendar day


February 2, 2023


Bug fixes

- Manual synchronization triggers correctly
- Bluetooth connection improvement with ID logic
- Improved performance: App is not crashing with long data synching anymore


January 27, 2023


- Current streak is displayed above the Global score card in the profile section
- Info points are added near the wake up, sleep and energy scores when no data is displayed
- Global score card in the profile section displays "Poor", "Good" or "Optimal"

Bug fixes

- The ring can't connect to the phone anymore after a ring unpair
- Day settings for alarm clocks is fixed for every timezone
- Adding notes for certain times don't duplicate or crash anymore
- UI is fixed for the ring setup failed page & forget password page
- Daily metrics are displayed for the correct day and for every timezone
- Wake up score in alarm clock circle displays correctly for every timezone
- Sleep staging graph in the sleep circle displays correctly for every timezone


January 13, 2023


- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Wake Up score and wake up details display correctly in the alarm clock circle for negative timezone users
- Temperature variation on new home page is displayed when equal 0 and displays a "+" when positive
- Temperature variation on new home page is compatible with both °C & °F settings
- 30 days SpO2 graph displays the correct daily SpO2 values
- Leaderboard is fixed but still display only 50 first users (fix ongoing) + improving UI components
- Removing of non-wear filter on the sleep and activity duration overview in the respective circles until it is fixed for all timezones
- Profile picture upload is fixed


January 4, 2023


- New UI release
- Rework of ring's synchronization flow for more clarity on when the data is ready to display
- Secondary feed option with important metrics release
- Improved performance

Bug fixes

- Global scores & References in Guided breathing are now well displayed for negative UTC timezones


December 7, 2022


- Improved performance
- Improved local cache
- Improved offline mode
- Add pop up information for airplane mode

Bug fixes


November 8, 2022


- Quick access option added to switch ring data mode faster
- Miles format for distances is supported when activated in the settings
- Automated issues & maintenance in-app alert
- Gold, silver and bronze medals added in the leaderboard for the top 3 users

Bug fixes


October 31, 2022


- Improved general stability
- Data synchronization in background works for 15 min

Bug fixes

- Profile advanced info now modifies correctly
- "Last synch" in manage my ring is fixed
- Bug fix of white screen in Sleep analysis and Activity analysis circles after data synchronisation
- Bug fix on added notes close to midnight and negative timezone
- Ring synchronizes to the app whenever you open the app
- App reconnects correctly to the ring after an app update
- Modal for data mode does not ask to reappear indefinitely
- Improved description for snooze and smart snooze
- Dark mode fix
- Improved animation for recommandation answers drop down


October 07, 2022


- Report for Guided breathing: Heart Rate, HRV, Heart coherence and comparison with daily metrics
- Finishing guided breathing exercise adds a custom note to calendar
- Add pop up information to guided breathing circle
- Automatic data synchronization when connecting to a ring

Bug fixes


September 30, 2022


- Guided breathing circle release
- More information in the sleep and activity circles
- 1 step added in the tutorial about the burger menu
- More recommandations added
- Use of GIF available for the profile picture and in the leaderboard on iOS

Bug fixes

- Pie chart and sleep stage graph
- Graph sizes are now harmonized
- Favorite list of notes is working correctly
- Bluetooth fix
- Dark mode fix


September 20, 2022


- See unworn ring time on the Sleep and Activity duration chart
- Soft reset of rings after setup is now seamless
- Chronotype lifestyle recommendation in Profil > Advanced info is properly working
- More recommandation implemented after calibrations

Bug fixes

- Activity data is displayed properly after a ring synchronization
- Timer is now disabled when ring is not connected
- Bluetooth connection improvement
- Leaderboard UI is now correct after a new month start


September 08, 2022


- Improved UI between mode eco and performance
- Improved UI of recommendations
- Adding more steps in the onboarding tutorial about calendar and adding notes
- Allowing replay of onboarding tutorial
- Adding more information in the Live measurement circle and allowing replay of tutorials
- See awake time during sleep periods on the main sleep duration graph of the sleep circle
- Display of charging % in "My Ring" menu
- Improve display of sleep stage graph

Bug fixes

- Loading during synch can't goes beyond 100%
- Management of connection loss during the firmware update
- UI of Sleep duration pie chart & Activity duration pie chart
- Dark Mode
- Firmware version display after a firmware update
- Bottom sheet
- Pixilated pictures
- Reconnection issues with the ring
- Heart Rate alerts fix
- Quick Access alarm settings with smart snooze and smart alarm


August 23, 2022


- Dark theme option is available in settings
- New step added into the onboarding tutorial detailing the scroll down gesture for manual synchronization of the ring data
- Automatic synchronization of ring data when connecting to the ring at the launch of the app
- SpO2 in Live measurement and contributor for iOS (was already available for android)

Bug fixes

- Connections problem with the ring
- Quick access bar apparition
- Advanced info selection
- Beta version banner on the home page
- Eco mode impact on graphs and data
- Add a note
- Various graphs
- Alarm clock bug
- Streak in the leaderboard and the calendar



- Added Eco and performance mode support
- Current Ring Firmware Banner in the Home, comment the Banner App version
- Added a banner to show when no ring is connected
- Added animations for new recommendations in the feed
- Added swipe gesture for menu on iOS

Bug fixes

- Activity graph as been accidentally replaced with a Sleep graph
- Autofill last used email when logout
- Center text in stride bottomsheet
- Display wording weekends
- Fix live popup ui, and display condition
- Fixed missing translations
- Focus in the SixDigitInput when field is empty
- Force semantic release fix
- Fixes various graph bugs
- Locale sync when logging out
- Profile pic too large custom error message
- Resting heart rate graph fix


- Initial store release