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Take back control over your health.

24/7 health monitoring, accurate data & alerts whenever anything unusual happens. Benefit from the most powerful data correlation tool and generate custom reports to get an accurate overview of your health. 


It has never been easier to check on your health

Real time data

The dual PPG sensor integrated in the ring combined with the Circular app allows you to read your heart signals and blood oxygen in real time and continuously. The Circular app indicates whether your heart rate shows signs of atrial fibrillation, a severe form of cardiac arrhythmia, or if the rhythm is sinus, which means that your heart is beating at a steady rate.

We make it easy for you

It is easier than ever to measure your vital signs, continuously. This is a real advancement for such a small portable device, because it allows you to share crucial data with your doctor and gain peace of mind and comfort. Thanks to automatically generated trends, you can now track the evolution of your health data over time.

All in one dashboard

Kira makes reports and correlations for you, that are exportable inside of the app and on your soon to come Circular dashboard by exporting your clinically accurate heart and health data from the app to share with your provider, you can get better care and health outcomes.

A UNique analytics platform that delivers

A set of clinically trusted metrics

Circular’s recovery, sleep and health is based on the parameters calculated from heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR) and breathing rate (BR)– we sample heartbeats selectively, making it more reliable and accurate. From mental stress analytics to circadian cycle analytics, we offer a complete suite of ready to read, accurate metrics.

24/7 automatic monitoring

Health Alerts that will give you piece of mind

No more occasional tests, time wasting procedures and invasive methods. Experience accurate, continuous and automatic monitoring. Circular will notify you whenever your heart rate gets too high and if your blood oxygenation levels get too low. 

Get to know yourself. Full circle.
Get to know yourself. Full circle.
Excellence in Product Design
Cross correlations

A ring can be worn anytime. By increasing the wearing time, Circular can cross correlates the user's day and night data with machine learning.


Circular provides advanced and personalized insights on your heart health, your current energy, on how to improve your sleep and how to optimize your physical activity.

Better data quality

A ring is firmly attached to the finger, which increases raw measurements accuracy.

COMplex data, made simple

Metrics that build the foundations for better personal health understanding


input biometrics


derived metrics




We want to facilitate the improvement of people's health

Circular combines the technologies of hardware miniaturization, biological measurements and machine learning to enable people to understand and improve their health as discreetly as ever, on a daily basis. Not everyone recognizes symptoms and in many cases, the underlying causes are not diagnosed.

We want people to take advantage of wearable devices to help them engage with their own health. Taking care of oneself upstream means less disease.

Help us pioneer the way to improved personal health

Circular has developed a range of devices and analytic tools that allows healthcare professionals to track the largest array of data points. By partnering up with health professionals for years, we transformed the way data collection can be made and are giving back to the scientific community through qualified data. 

build new partnerships

If you are working in the following fields, we are interested in starting a conversation: arrhythmia analysis, heart failure, stress level, sleep apnea detection, blood pressure, emergency situations & fall detection.

New discoveries

We are constantly working on new ways to discover and monitor health conditions and illnesses and pushing our findings through frequent app updates.

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