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Circular ring

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"Circular does not tell you how you are doing but is rather assisting you in making good decisions and responding to your body signals in a healthier way"
Understand and improve your sleep, forever
Circular analyzes your bio-signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency.
Circular analyzes your bio-signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency. Learn what parameters impact your sleep and how it correlates with your days. Circular will assist you on your journey to improve it, forever, with easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations.
Keep track of your activities at all times
Quantify your physical activities and improve your recovery with empowering metrics. Visualize your trends, your progress and benefit from personalized advice to energize your life and improve your daily performance over the long term.
Quantify your physical activities and improve your recovery with empowering metrics.
Biohack your way to better health
Circular will help you take back control on your health. The ring continuously monitors your bio-signals and alerts you if anything is unusual. Use Circular to check on your immune system readiness with proactive monitoring. Understand the effect of your lifestyle and environment on your health and benefit from appropriate recommendations to make informed behavioral decisions on a daily basis.
The ring continuously monitors your bio-signals and alerts you if anything is unusual. Use Circular to check on your immune system readiness with proactive monitoring.
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What Circular analyzes for you

Circular correlates every day & night metric to give personalized and actionable recommendations.

Blood oxygenation

Blood oxygen level (SpO2) is a measure of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. Maintaining a precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood is vital to your health. SpO2 is a valuable metric as it is closely related to a lot of respiratory conditions (shortness of breath, asthma, sleep apnea, and more…). A normal reading is typically between 94 and 100 percent. Monitoring blood oxygen level can help with prevention, altitude acclimatisation, recovery and determining if treatments are working.

Heart rate variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the specific changes in time between successive heartbeats and is a great measure of your autonomic nervous system. It can unveil many things about your overall wellbeing. It is used to see how well you recovered after certain event and is a good measure of general stress and tiredness. Variations of HRV are measured against your own Reference. Anything above means that your body and immune system are ready to tackle the upcoming day whereas the contrary would probably mean that you need to focus on recovering.

Temperature variation

Temperature variation is an essential metric to evaluate how your natural defenses respond to your environment. When the variation is higher than +/- 0.8 degrees Celsius compared to your usual baseline, that’s when you need to start paying attention. It can fluctuate with activity, your nutrition, your circadian rhythm, can indicate that your body fights against an illness, can reflect external environment changes such as a season change and can reflect a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Heart rate

Heart rate is the basis of many measurements at Circular. With continuous heart rate monitoring you can get a comprehensive view on how your heart rate change in response to your activities and emotions. In addition to tracking your bpm continuously, we derive many other very valuable metrics from it. A great benefit of having a device like the Circular ring on your finger is that it is most likely one of the most optimal places for PPG-based tracking making measurement more reliable and accurate.


This is the ultimate score that tells you how much energy you have accumulated for the day. It is made up of many day and night contributors that evaluate your vitality. Every aspect of your body is considered whether it is the immune system, stress levels, sleep, or activity recuperation. If the energy score is high it means that you can surpass yourself, do intense activities, intense mental activities while having minimal risks of getting sick. If it’s low, don’t push yourself, your immune system is weak, avoid over-training and focus on rest.

Activity intensities and calories burned

The Circular ring continuously monitors your activities. Activity intensities are used to quantify whether you do enough physical activity according to your need and the scientific literature. For ease of reading your activities are divided into low, medium, and high intensity activities. Thanks to these, Circular can determine for you, your active minutes, training zone, activity volume, recovery time and calories burned. Circular correlates the data to determine the type of activity (e.g. running, biking, swimming).


Circular continuously determines whether you walk or run and counts for you the number of steps. It also estimates the walking distance equivalency. Circular sets goals by analyzing your profile and habits and helps you achieve your walking goals.

Resting heart rate

RHR is a great measure for your overall health, readiness, and fitness. A low RHR is an indication of a strong heart muscle that can pump out a greater amount of blood with every beat, so it does not have to beat as frequently. Generally speaking, the lower it is, the better. A higher RHR compared to your Reference indicates poor overall wellness conditions, this means that you should avoid too much physical stress and concentrate on recovering.

Respiratory rate

Respiratory rate reported in breaths per minute is an indicator of your cardiovascular load and is a good indicator of your wellbeing. You breathe harder and faster when you are ill or in need of energy. This metric varies much less than your RHR and HRV. It becomes very useful when it evolves a lot compared to your Reference. This metric acts as a threshold when something is highly unusual. A normal reading for a resting adult ranges from 12 to 18 breaths per minute.

Vo2 max

VO2 max represents the maximum oxygen flow that the body can consume during an effort. VO2 max is considered as a criterion for evaluating physical performance. It gives an indication of the level of fitness and endurance. The higher the value, the more it is easy to maintain an effort of a certain intensity over time. By increasing your VO2 max with training, you will be able to run either faster for the same distance or longer for the same intensity.

Sleep cycles

When you sleep, you go through several successive stages that all have different functions for your body and mind recovery. Circular automatically tracks your sleep stages (Awake, Light, Rem and Deep sleep), deduces your chronotype, detects your sleep cycle length, assesses how you respond to your current sleep schedule by analyzing several tracked biometrics and parameters that reflect your sleep quality, energy levels, your time to fall asleep, your activities, etc... The goal is to recommend you the perfect duration you need to sleep and how to improve your sleep quality.


Physical recovery is a very important aspect to take into consideration when checking your overall condition. Especially after high or medium intensity activities, your body, muscles, and heart need time to repair. Circular automatically checks your activity volume and compares it to your vital signs to know if you have recovered from your past activities.

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Everyone is unique. Data should be too.
Easy to read & actionable recommendations, for all.

Personal feed and assistant

Adapted recommendations to focus on yourself. Kira, your personal assistant takes care of your data to deliver impactful insights at the right time so that you can improve at the right moment.

Empowering data

The most complete scoring system, made simple. Captured metrics are cross analyzed to create easy to read scoring systems based on your personal habits and profile.

A calibrated experience

Circular automatically establishes your baselines during the 14 day calibration period that starts as soon as you wear the ring. Kira interacts with you and analyzes your profile to get to know you better and refine her recommendations for the future.

Day to day recommendations

Kira does the data correlation work for you and tells you in natural language what's going on with your bio signals. She alerts you if something unusual is happening, recommends you how to improve your well-being at the right time and accompanies you on your mission to achieve better health.

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Choose from an array of changeable outer shells with different colors and builds

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Designed for a sophisticated style.
Polished titanium with high end silver coating.

Rose Gold

Designed for a sophisticated style.
Polished titanium with high end rose coating.

Black Fit

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Polished titanium with resistant black coating.
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