Start the day waking up refreshed in light sleep with the gentle nudge of your smart alarm, and collect some morning coins – a perfect start!

Take a Look at Your Scores and Graphs

Peek into the numbers behind your wellness – to best be prepared for the day.

Kickstart your customized experience

Dive into a 14-day calibration period, tailoring the Circular experience to your lifestyle & habits.

Kira's Wellness AI Insights

Ask Kira to uncover her personalized recommendations. From activity load, stress, sleep schedule and illness detection, you are just a tap away from the most advanced personal wellness assistant ever crafted.

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Sleep Analysis

Reflect on your sleep journey with insights into your sleep patterns – a peek into your personal nocturnal world.

Energy Analysis

Energize Yourself: keep tabs on your energy levels, ensuring you ride the highs and tackle the lows with flair.

Circular Coins

Keep the coins you've stacked each morning and use them to unlock additional benefits.


Compete with  top individuals among the Circular global community while getting extra motivation to progress into your wellness journey.

Energizing Your Day

Afternoon Amp-up

Workplace Wellness: Stress, Active Minutes & Guided Breathing

Midday check-in to keep you balanced and focused at work. Your secret weapons for workplace well-being.

Guided Breathing

Harness the power of the ring's vibrations to guide you through invigorating breathing exercises, perfect for boosting your energy or facilitating a faster transition into a restful sleep. Elevate your experience further by customizing your own personalized exercises.

Quantify your stress levels throughout the day

Experience the power of stress analysis seamlessly connected to your personal notes. Plus, with predictions for the upcoming hours, you can proactively plan your day, ensuring that it's not just productive, but also emotionally balanced.

Keep track of your medication intake

Create reminders for medications, supplements, and more. The Circular Ring vibrates at the designated times, turning health routines into seamless and effective habits. Stay on track effortlessly with this innovative and practical feature.

Set a timer

Become the kitchen maestro or never be fashionably late again – our nifty timer is your time-traveling sidekick!


Discover your  chronotype. From meal schedules to optimal work and coffee times, let your personal rhythm guide you to wellness balance.

Activity Analysis

Track steps, measure VO2 max, monitor activity intensities, and estimate calories burned—all in one place. Your go-to for actionable insights on your daily movements.

Evening Unwind

Guiding Through the Evening Sundown Serenity

Live measurements


Get instant data on your vital stats like heart rate, HRV, SpO2 and live activity intensity.

Vital Alerts

Feel the buzz – your ring's way of saying, "Hey, pay attention!" Stay in sync with your health and well-being by setting up heart rate or blood ox. alerts.

Customize Your Circular Pro

Going from work to play? Give your ring a style makeover with a quick shell switch – because you're the star at every party!

Bedtime Bliss

Ideal Go to Sleep Timing

Powered by Kira's insights and your sleep data, the ring pinpoints your optimal bedtime. No more guesswork—just personalized sleep guidance for a rejuvenating night's rest.

Set a Smart Alarm

Set your weekly wake up schedule. Set a Smart Alarm to wake up at the perfect moment or set a smart snooze to have the ring buzz until you're up and moving. All while the buzz is silent and vibration-based, respecting your surroundings.

Turn Airplane Mode On

Turn your ring's communications off during your sleep.

Have A Good Night


COMplex data, made simple

Metrics that build the foundations for better personal health understanding


input biometrics


derived metrics


recommendations(& counting!)