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What is the Circular® Wake up score and how it is calculated

With the Smart alarm feature, the Circular ring can analyze your sleep cycles and wake you up at the best time to be alert and motivated as soon as you wake up.

Please read our previous article about The sleep stages that compose your sleep cycle. Basics n°3 about sleep first.

According to your movement, your heart rate variables and your temperature variations, the ring will determine in real-time in which sleep stage you are. Depending on the time window you have allowed the ring to wake you up, the ring will wake you up at the best moment. 

The Wake up score has been designed in the first place so that you can evaluate the efficiency of your smart alarm.

Secondly so that it can show a feedback on awakening and alertness even if you do not use the smart alarm.

Finally so that it can be a variable of your Energy score (low weighting but still).

As with all Circular scores, a score equal or above 90 is Excellent, from 80 to 89 is Good and below 80 is Poor.

The perfect moment for you to feel refreshed is to wake you up at the beginning  of the light sleep stage. At this perfect moment, you will receive a 100 score. Then the score is built depending on the sleep stage during which you woke up, and also how far you were inside your stage.

You’ll find your wake up score in the “Alarm clock” circle each time you wake up wearing the Circular ring. You can click on the score to get an explanation of the scoring.

If you would like to learn more about the smart alarm, please read Circular® smart alarm clock: Wake up with motivation and joy.

Laurent Bsalis

Laurent is passionate about biohacking and tries his best to be a better version of himself. He also eats too much ice cream which is a problem.

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