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The Circular® Global Score, Leaderboard and Streak score

One of our primary goals is to democratize personal health and offer the possibility for everyone to improve their wellness in order to be at the peak of their performance and be productive in their everyday lives thanks to quality recommendations.

But what better way to learn and improve your well-being by having fun and challenging yourself.

The Circular® Global Score

For this purpose we created the Circular® Global score which is composed of:

  • the Circular® Sleep quality score
  • the Circular® Energy score

This Global score, which you will find in the profile section of the app, will allow you to evaluate your well-being and overall performance for the day.

The Circular scores not only make it possible to follow your evolution in the blink of an eye, but they also encourage continuous improvement.

And why not learn from the best of the Circular community?

The Leaderboard

Growing a community that makes sense and shares the same passion for personal development and health is a priority for Circular.

You will be able to decide whether or not to make your Global score public in the profile section > Profile information. If you choose to make it public you will appear in the general ranking of the leaderboard section of the app.

This gives you the opportunity to compare yourself to the rest of the community and why not compete with the community's top individuals. 

Depending on your ranking you will get a badge attesting to your rank in the community.

The ranks are:

  • Top 100
  • Specialist - top 1% of the community
  • Expert - top 5% of the community
  • Advanced - top 10% of the community
  • Experienced - top 25% of the community
  • Novice - top 50% of the community
  • Rookie - top 100% of the community

The leader will win awards and will be invited to an interview on the Circular blog to discuss their tips to get successful performances so that everyone can benefit from the winner's efforts.

**Note: You can edit your activity and sleep logs only 5 times a month to be eligible in the current month's leaderboard ranking. However, you can edit your logs as much as you want if you don’t mind participating in the leaderboard. You can see the number of edited logs above your Global score.

May the best one win. The Leaderboard is restarted each month. 

The streak score

As with every Circular score, if your Global score is 90+, it is considered as “Excellent”.

If your Global score is excellent two consecutive days then you get a “Streak” represented by a star in your calendar. Every more consecutive day being excellent will make you earn a new star. If your series stops with a day when you are not excellent then the “Streak” stops and restarts at 0.

Your best series of all time will be your Streak Score that is displayed in your profile section. For example, a person with a Streak score of 42 means that he/she has done 42 days in a row at best with a Global score of 90+ since he/she joined the Circular community.

The Streak score does not count for the Leaderboard ranking but is an additional indication of a person's consistency since the Streak score does not restart every month like the monthly leaderboard.

Improve ludically your wellness 

Although well-being and quantified self are serious matters we would like to build gamification to emphasize the fun side of surpassing oneself. This without compromising the quality of our analyses and recommendations, which we are focusing on.

We will develop more challenges to be addressed in future updates of the app.

You can learn more about the different scores by reading the article about Understanding the Circular® Energy score: are you ready or not for the day? and Understanding the Circular® Sleep quality score and how it is calculated.


Céline loves helping people and tries her best to find solutions even when it seems impossible. She also writes faster than the speed of light.

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