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Circular calibration period: the new way to improved tracking!

When you create an account with Circular, you enter a 14-day period that we call the calibration period. During this period, Kira your personal assistant, will try to better understand your habits.

Kira will interact with you on a daily basis to ask you questions about your lifestyle, and try to build a personalized profile by analyzing your data.

During this period, the information present in the analysis circles will be limited, whether it’s sleep or activity. This is because it is also during this period that Kira calculates your baselines and references to builds her analyses. Baselines and references are values on a larger scale, often 14 rolling days where we try to define the norm for you. This way the scores and recommendations will be customized to your profile.

During this period, Kira will take the opportunity to explain what you need to know about the Circular app, how to use the different functionalities available to you and teach you the basics of biometrics tracking. 

Ideally, you should set your references during “normal stress” weeks. Usual exercise, work, etc is fine during the calibration period. If you are doing your calibration period during an abnormally stressful or high volume training period then it’s not a big deal because references constantly adjust themselves over time. As your health and fitness levels evolve, it will learn what your new reference patterns are. This happens on a rolling 14-day basis. This value is tailor-made as Kira gets to know how your body works overtime! 

Only at the end of this period all tracked metrics will be available and Kira will start to make recommendations or remarks if she notices anything unusual.

However, you will be able to use the wake-up and alert features as you would like during this period.

Have a good calibration period! 😉

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Sihem Kime

Chief Data Scientist at Circular, Sihem is passionate about healthcare and machine learning. She practices swimming, cycling and running which makes her the fittest to design Circular algorithms.

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