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Recover when you don't get enough sleep (in a healthy way)

We live in a society that is on the go 24 hours a day and you probably don’t have time to prolong your sleep when you went to sleep late or slept badly. If you often find yourself in this situation, this post may be useful to you.

We will make it short: the only cure for sleep deprivation is sleep. And the good news is that the human body is well thought out and built against lack of sleep. In other words we're programmed to recover.

Allocate more sleep to your body and it will take care of getting you in shape. In fact, even if you got a brutal 2 or 4 hours of sleep, your body can usually fully recover if you get a solid 9 or 10 hours of sleep the following night. Your body will simply spend more time in REM and in Deep sleep to catch up for the lack of sleep. 

Of course, you should not abuse this. If you have several bad nights in a row, your body will simply not be able to catch up in one single night but maybe in two or three good nights.

Having said that, there are some tips that can help you do better after a bad night in a healthy way: 

Eat healthy and stay hydrated 

The key is to drink a lot of cold water. It will "wake up" your organs. Avoid heavy meals. You want to avoid your body to spend more energy than necessary on digestion.

Enjoy sunshine

No need for caffeine. The sunlight will restart your body mechanisms and will give you a natural boost. However, do not stay too long under a hot sun, it may make you more tired afterward.

Try to look and feel better than you really feel 

This is kind of a brain hack that works in many situations. Take care of your look and convince yourself that you are in shape to trick your brain. If you neglect your personal hygiene, you may feel worse than if you did the opposite.



Try to stretch in the morning. Even if it's not very motivating and it's probably the last thing you want to do when you're tired, stretching is one of the best things you can do to really wake up your brain and body. It will allow your whole cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, which essentially will boost your energy. But don’t go for moderate-intensity or high-intensity activities, you will feel even more tired afterward.

Of course, take a power nap

Collapsing on the couch for a nap seems like the most obvious thing to catch up on lost sleep. But do not let this nap last longer than 25 minutes. This duration will help ensure that you stay in Light sleep when you wake up in order to be alert and ready. When having a power nap, the goal is to avoid falling into deep sleep otherwise you will feel bad when you wake up. The power nap is the best way to allow a quick recovery to regain your energy.

What most people find difficult with napping is not being able to wake up at the right time and actually fall asleep while encroaching on your day and also on your real sleep since you will not be tired anymore at night. And for that, you need an alarm clock. Let’s say you want your sleep to be about 25 minutes, the problem is that it is very hard to time effectively your alarm clock according to the real moment you fall asleep. So what if you could now predefine the length of your sleep and not be woken up at a fixed time.
The circular ring can help you with that. Try the smart napping circle of the app, click here to know more about Circular ® smart nap. It allows you to create a nap alarm, you give it a name, for example, “power nap”, you set manually its duration or choose the predefined power nap duration detection. Let’s say you have chosen the automatic power nap settings. Then when you want to take your nap, you activate your created alarm. The ring will automatically detect your nap and wake you up with vibration at the end of your light sleep phase for maximum efficiency. You will not have to worry anymore about timing your alarm according to your falling asleep time.

Laurent Bsalis

Laurent is passionate about biohacking and tries his best to be a better version of himself. He also eats too much ice cream which is a problem.

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