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Kira+ Beta: Revolutionizing Personal Health with AI-Powered Coaching

We're excited to unveil the beta release of Kira+, a revolutionary step in the realm of AI-driven wellness coaching. After rigorous testing and development of the alpha version, Kira+ is ready to redefine how we interact with personal health data.

Kira+'s Journey to Beta: Innovating Wellness Metrics Analysis

Kira+ represents a significant advancement in analyzing the 140+ derived metrics tracked by the Circular Ring. This innovative approach to health monitoring has now reached its next evolutionary stage – the Beta phase.

Meet Your Enhanced AI Health Coach: Kira+

Kira+ isn't just an AI; it's your personal health coach. It distills complex wellness data (140+ daily tracked metrics) into actionable insights, tailored specifically to your lifestyle and health goals. Now more intelligent than ever.

User Feedback: The Heart of Kira+'s Evolution

Thousands of Circular users have contributed their experiences, leading to substantial improvements in Kira+'s model. This user-centric development approach has made Kira+ smarter, with refined interpretations and more powerful insights.

Beyond Basic Health Metrics: Introducing New Features

  • Sophisticated Dietary Recommendations: Discover how Kira+ can suggest dietary supplements, catering to your unique health needs.
  • Stress Analysis: Learn about Kira+'s new ability to incorporate stress metrics, offering a more comprehensive view of your wellbeing.

Pioneering Wearable Wellness Technology

We take pride in being pioneers in the wearable space, consistently pushing the envelope of innovation. Kira+'s beta release is a testament to our commitment to lead the industry in wellness technology.

Join the Kira+ Beta Program

It's currently live on your app!

Experience the cutting-edge of personalized health monitoring. As a beta tester, you'll be at the forefront of shaping Kira+'s development, contributing to a smarter, healthier future.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Health Innovation

With Kira+, we're not just tracking health metrics; we're empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for a healthier life. This beta launch marks a pivotal moment in wearable technology, and we're thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

Amaury Kosman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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