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Kickstarter campaign - Update #1

Thank you to the 1115 awesome backers already on board.

Kickstarter is a very interesting journey!

100% funded in under 4 hours!

200% funded in 24 hours!

0/500 🚨 No more VIP rewards left!

50/500 ⏳ Now switching to the early bird offer, less than 50 available.

Press coverage:

This week, Circular has been featured in some of the most influential tech outlets following our launch and demos our team had. The Circular team is thrilled to see this excitement and we would like to say thank you!

DIGITAL TRENDS: "Smart rings aren’t a new idea, but this one is arguably one of the best yet"

CORE 77: "Circular is an unobtrusive smart ring that's easy to wear and forget about. Meanwhile, it will keep track of your activity throughout the day and night and deliver personalized recommendations to you via an accompanying app. "

TRENDHUNTER: "Due to its small and unintrusive size, many consumers prefer its minimal aesthetic to bulkier watch alternatives. The tool can be customized with interchangeable shells for different styles."

GIZMODO: "It’s a stylish but relatively nondescript ring that could be worn in multiple scenarios without drawing too much attention."

YANKO DESIGN: "This crystal clear focus and economy of function allows the Circular Smart Ring to be an incredibly sleek, fashion-forward wearable that bridges jewelry and tech. The lack of a screen, or a host of apps, music, images, calendars, clocks, and other ‘unnecessary fluff’ even enables the Ring to have a remarkably better battery life of 48 hours with continuous usage. "

If you haven't secured your Circular ring yet, you can enjoy the early bird deal before it's too late: take me to kickstarter campaign!

Amaury Kosman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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