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How Circular tracks your Active minutes, Cardio points, Activity Volume, and Recovery

The Circular ring continuously monitors your activity. Thanks to your movement and multiple heart metrics, Circular correlates the data to determine the intensity of the activities you do. With activity intensities, Circular can determine your active minutes, cardio points, activity volume, and recovery time.

Please read How Circular tracks your Activity intensity before reading this.

Active minutes

The active minutes are basically the time you spend being active. This is the time you spend in low, moderate and high intensity activities. You can check your daily active minutes in the activity duration chart of your activity circle.

Cardio Points

To keep your heart healthy, the American Heart Association (AHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) encourage you to stay active. Each week, they recommend you do at least 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. To help you follow these recommendations, Circular tracks your exercise in the form of Cardio Points. It shows you how much you do activities that have a positive impact on your heart.

Cardio points are basically the time you spend in moderate and high intensity activities. You get 1 point for 1 minute of medium intensity. Knowing that thetime spent in high intensity is valued twice as much as time spent in medium.

Activity volume score

Circular determines your total cumulative time of cardio points to compare it to your own past active minutes baseline and the World Health Organization recommendations.

With Circular you must accumulate at least 150 cardio points per week.

Body Recovery score

Circular guesses your sports sessions by analyzing the duration of your activity and the intensity of your activities to evaluate if your activity volume of the past 48h is not too high. Circular also evaluates if the frequency of your training is well spread over the whole week. This is done by taking into account your heart recovery times. You will receive recommendations about this in your feed.


You may receive recommendations from Kira telling you that you have been inactive for too long or wondering if you are in a situation that prevents you from doing physical activity if it detects no activity for several days. Kira can also tell you that you need rest time or have better spacing between training sessions.


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