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Circular Ring Achieves Seamless Compatibility with Apple HealthKit

Discover a ground-breaking milestone as this is the number 1 feature request! Circular Ring now offers seamless compatibility with Apple HealthKit, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their well-being. This latest release allows the Circular app to write data to HealthKit, providing a centralized hub for all your health information on Apple devices.

Why Circular Ring's Apple HealthKit Integration Matters: The compatibility between Circular Ring and Apple HealthKit is a game-changer. Apple HealthKit consolidates health and fitness data from various sources, providing a comprehensive overview of your well-being. With Circular Ring's data integrated into HealthKit, you gain holistic insights and better manage your overall health.

How to Get Started

Getting your Circular Ring set up with HealthKit is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Update Your Circular App: Ensure you have the latest version of the Circular app installed on your device.
  2. Connect Google Fit: In the Circular app settings, navigate to the "Integration" section. Turn on HealthKit nd follow the prompts to link your accounts.
  3. Enjoy Seamless Tracking: That's it! Your Circular Ring data will now sync effortlessly with HealthKit. Open the HealthKit app to explore your enriched wellness insights.

The Power of Combined Insights: Combine Circular health data with information from other sources within HealthKit to gain a comprehensive view of your well-being in one place. Track Circular Ring's sleep analysis, activity levels, heart rate data, and more alongside nutrition, vitals, and other health metrics. This consolidated data enhances trend analysis and supports informed decision-making.

Privacy and Security: Rest assured, Circular app only writes data to HealthKit with your explicit permission, ensuring the privacy and security of your health data.

Take Charge of Your Health: Circular Ring's compatibility with Apple HealthKit empowers you to curate your well-being journey. Access all your health data in one place, identify trends, set goals, and make informed choices to support your health and fitness aspirations.

Explore the power of Circular Ring's integration with Apple HealthKit and embark on a holistic wellness journey. Update your Circular app now to experience the seamless compatibility and harness combined insights for a healthier and happier you.

Amaury Kosman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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