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Circular Delivery Update #2

Through this update, we wish to keep you informed of the deliveries. We are receiving many queries about the delivery of the different batches, which is more than normal. And this post will answer your questions.

To keep it short, manufacturing is in full swing and the first rings have already been shipped out to the first users (only 20 units as of today). Please find the details of the rest of the delivery process below.

The app is currently being checked by Apple & Android stores for immediate deployment, we are currently waiting for the review to be done for publication. In the meantime, we've sent private download links to the app for those who have their rings in fulfillment.

So why are we late regarding shipping compared to what was announced? To be very transparent, a crucial mold suffered from a manufacturing delay of 1 month, delaying the start of manufacturing for customers. One small piece of the puzzle is missing and the whole project takes a hit. Unfortunately. That’s how it is. 

Going back to batch deliveries, originally we had divided the batches into 5. We’ve been very lucky and surprised by the enthusiasm generated by our technology and we've had way more orders than anticipated in the first months. As a consequence, the batches filled very quickly and the number of people in each batch is today much larger than anticipated. As a result, batches 2 and 3 went over the dates of the originally planned 4th batch. This was mishandled and the whole team wants to give a sincere apology. The delivery dates of batches 2 and 3 can be delayed by 35 days. Note that Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers will receive their rings first (backers are in batch 1). 

The rings have started to ship slowly. Production is scaling up and we'll respect your position in the batches. Today we produce the rings in a set of sizes. For example, we started with the rings of sizes 9 and 11. So some of the backers who ordered sizes 9 or 11 will receive them first. After that, we are going to ship 200 rings by the end of the month in sizes 7, 9, 11, and 13. This first batch is a safety batch that allows us to see if everything is going well before scaling. With the speed of production that we will have, we will be able to start a much more substantial batch of 500 units per week as soon as the beginning of July, divided into all sizes.

In August, unfortunately, the factories in France are partially closed. But we will try to put additional staff in place during this period to ensure a minimum of production. 

Being safe, we can announce that:

  • End of this month = 200 units of batch 1
  • End of July = Rest of batch 1
  • End of August = Half of Batch 2
  • End of September = End of batch 2 + start of batch 3
  • End of October = End of batch 3 + 4 + 5

By the end of October, those who have placed orders as of today 10/06/2022 will be delivered.

On another note, we'll be removing the automatic discount you've all had so far in the coming weeks from our website, increasing the price of the ring to 289€. 

Thank you again for all the support you are giving to the project. We are very happy with the way the manufacturing is going but also with the v1 of the app. Of course, we will continue to improve features and user experience as we go along. 

For all those who have sent us messages and that have been left unanswered, we are sorry and we invite you to contact us again at support@circular.xyz, on the chat of our website (www.circular.xyz), or by private message on our socials: Facebook or Instagram.

We look forward to receiving the first user feedback. We’d like to confirm that the most important aspect for us is to be close to you, understand your expectations and needs, and be able to assist you if needed. This is our priority. Making a product that stands out by the way it helps YOU. 

Thank you again for your patience, we are doing our best to deliver your product as soon as we can. We strongly believe that together we will revolutionize the wearable experience.

Amaury Kosman, president of Circular

Amaury Kosman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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