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Circular Delivery Update #1

Update on the status of deliveries from pre-orders that opened in February

When placing a pre-order, you might have noticed that you have been placed into a batch. Batches range from 1 to 6 and define when you are going to receive the ring at your doorstep. That entirely based on when you placed your order. The reason behind why this has been put into place is because we experienced very high demand. In order to fulfill that demand, we need to scale our production. And that is done incrementally. In order not to give away delivery dates that we cannot hold, we preferred letting you know upfront that  the product(s) that you ordered wouldn't be received straight away.

  • Batch 1 is a batch reserved to backers. Those are Circular's very first supporters that helped us get to where the brand is today. They will be shipped first.
  • Batch 2 is the next batch to be shipped out, and mostly represents those that have been ordering in February. 

  • Batch 3 to 6 are the next batched. Delivery times between those batches will be shorter and shorter as production will be faster and faster. 

The first rings are going to be out at the end of the month (FINALLY!) but it's going to be slow. As we are ramping up and assembling the rings right now, we still have low visibility on speed. Also, some have been asking; the rings are going to be shipped from France.

Now in terms of dates, scaling takes a little more time than anticipated, that means that we are reviewing delivery dates for each batch.

Another update will follow in the next weeks while we work on optimizing timelines.

Stay tuned!

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