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Silent Alarm Clock by Circular® : The perfect smart & silent alarm clock

Isn’t it unpleasant to be woken up by somebody else’s alarm clock? Isn’t it annoying not being woken up at all? Isn’t it tiring to wake up during the wrong sleep stage?

Waking up sounds the beginning of a new day full of challenges and we shouldn’t start it on a false note.

The human being has several senses, why not take advantage of the one that makes more sense while waking up?

No more grumpy mornings, wake up joyful. That’s what drove us when we designed the Circular ring. Circular embarks an alarm clock solution that is in sync with our current living environment as well as with the available technology and that should be at the same time: smart, non-invasive, silent and reliable.

Circular is the only non-invasive product that can study your sleep and smoothly wake you up during the light sleep stage, without disturbing close-by people thanks to silent vibrations. 

How does it work?

On the Circular app > Alarm Clock Circle

  1. You create an alarm clock. 
  2. You give it a name. For example “Work”. Your alarm and its configuration will be saved.
  3. You select the time at which you wish to be woken up by the ring’s vibrations. For example: “8:30 AM”.
  4. You select the vibration pattern and edit the vibration intensity that suits you. For example: “S.O.S”.
  5. You chose the days that you want this alarm clock to ring. You can choose to repeat every day or just particular days. For example Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  6. You set your snooze options. You have the choice between predefined time, for example 5 minutes, or the smart snooze feature. read about smart snooze
  7. You activate the smart alarm option or not. read about smart alarm

Of course, you can create multiple alarm clocks on different days to stack them up and create a routine for your week. You can see an overview of your activated alarm clocks routine with a simple color code.

You also have quick access from the home page to set an alarm, enabling or disabling the smart alarm and the snooze.

By tapping on the wake up score you can see from what stage you woke up and an explanation on your wake up score.

What is a smart alarm? If you are looking for performance.

You can activate it or not. If you choose to activate the smart alarm feature, the ring will wake you up in the lightest sleep stage possible prior to the set time of your alarm clock for you to be the most alert as soon as you wake up.

What is the smart snooze? If you have trouble getting up.

You choose whether to activate it or not. If you choose to activate the smart snooze feature, the ring will automatically vibrate every 5 minutes until it detects that you get out of your bed. Even if you snooze the vibration by clicking on the button, it will vibrate if you’re not out of your bed.

Once the configurations are done on the app. What do I do?

Be sure that you have synced your ring with your app. You are now ready to go to sleep. Simply wear your ring. The ring will vibrate to wake you up according to the configuration you have made. To stop the vibrations in the morning, click once on the button of your ring.

IMPORTANT: All the analyzes regarding your sleep, the smart alarm, and smart snooze features are internal to the ring. During your sleep, the ring goes into sleep mode. This means that there is no Bluetooth communication between the ring and your phone during your sleep.

Amaury Kosman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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