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Active Calories vs Total Calories: All You Need to Know

Active and total calories are two important metrics for people who are trying to lose, maintain or gain weight. This article will cover the difference between active and total calories, the importance of knowing these metrics, and how to calculate them.

What are Active and Total Calories and Why are They Important to Know?

The number of calories burned by a person is the total amount of energy (active and inactive) that they burn in a day. It’s also called Total Calories. Active calories refer to the number of calories that your body burns when you are physically active (workout, fitness).

Active Calories vs Total Calories

Total Calories = Natural processes of your body + Active Calories

Active Calories = Calories burned during Physical Activity

The active calories are the ones that you can see on an old-generation fitness tracker. These are the calories that you burn while running, lifting weights, or doing any other physical activity. This includes any fitness routine that you might do, as well as any physical activity in your day-to-day life.

But your body also burns a certain amount of energy while you are at rest or sleeping. This is called your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Total calories refer to the total number of calories that your body burns in a day. This is calculated by taking into account not only your physical activity but also the other 25% to 50% comes from your basal metabolic rate, which is what most people refer to as resting metabolism.

How many active calories should I burn a day?

The number of active calories you burn in a day is dependent on the type of activity you are doing. For example, if you spend most of your time sitting at a desk, your body will be burning fewer active calories than if you were running around town all day.

A person who spends their time mostly sitting at a desk would need to do some light exercise to get the same amount of active calorie burn that someone who is constantly on their feet would have.

The average person should consume about 2000-2500 total calories per day for weight loss or maintenance. But if you want to lose weight quickly then you might need more than this amount of total daily calorie consumption, while if you want to gain weight, then you might need less than 2000 calories per day and do some workouts. A fitness tracker or a smartphone app can help you to count these calories.

The Importance of Healthy "Total Calories" and Why You Shouldn't Forget Them

It is important to be aware of how many calories you are consuming, and how much you are burning. The total calorie count is extremely important to consider when having a calorie target because it will take into account the total amount of energy you expend during your daily activities and even during sleep. Yes, you are burning calories even when you are sitting down or watching TV for long periods of time. Of course less than when you are doing workout, but you still have to count it. A smartphone app or a smart device will help you to track it efficiently.

How to track the "Active Calories" in Your Day

You can track calories and monitor how much you are consuming and how much you are burning in many different ways. Some of these can include a calculator, making an estimate based on height, weight, age, and activity level, or using a smartphone app to track calories in your daily life or during workouts.

This can be also done by using a fitness tracker or a smart ring. The wearable device will use an accelerometer to measure how much you move during the day, which allows you to see how many active calories you’ve burned. The fitness tracker will measure the number of steps you take and the distance you travel. It will measure the number of calories you burn and the intensity of your workout.

Conclusion: How to Use This Information to Stay Healthy & Live More Efficiently

A fitness tracker is usually used to track your active calorie, but it can also be used to track your total calorie count. That’s what we are doing at Circular. The ring will track your resting energy expenditure and sum it up with your active calories to show your total calories. This is the best way to achieve your calorie goal. Learn more about how the ring calculates calories.

Everyone can find just the right way to make his life better. Using smart apps and devices will bring your workouts to a whole new level. Stay informed to make your fitness workouts more efficient. You can find more health tips on our blog.

Amaury Kausman

CEO of Circular, Amaury is all about technology and human capabilities improvement. He is a dedicated marathon runner and loves optimizing his training.

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