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Want better Health? Get engaged with your sleep
Improve your sleep like never before thanks to sophisticated tracking, easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations.

Critical to your health and your energy

Sleep is the period to repair, regenerate and prepare your mind and body for performance. Give yourself the sleep you deserve. Understand & improve your sleep to reach your best performance level.

A sleep lab in a tiny and comfy ring

Precise PPG heart rate, respiratory rate and motion sensors along with a machine learning powered app will help you understand and improve your sleep over the long term.

Circular never sleeps, but you’ll sleep better

Kira learns about your baselines to give you a daily personalized sleep quality score and tells you exactly what parameters impact your sleep to improve them. Circular measures not only how long you sleep, but the time spent in each stage, your circadian rhythm, your heart rate metrics and respiratory rate.

Biohack your way to better sleep
Make the most of your day by improving your sleep journey
1. Track your sleep each night and trends over time.
2. Understand your sleep and learn about the parameters that impact your sleep quality and how it correlates with your days.
3. Build better habits for better rest.
4. Wake up with energy with a silent & smart alarm clock.

Meet the 3 pillars of sleep


Learn how much time you spend in each sleep stage: Light, Deep, REM, and Awake. Deep sleep enables physical recovery while REM sleep helps with memory, thinking and creativity. Do you know how much time you spend in each stage ? Is it optimal ? Kira will help you improve and optimize that.


Circular looks at how much you have actually slept compared to your personal sleeping length needs. Circular calculates your Real Sleep ; the duration of disturbances during your sleep, and gives you a score on how efficiently you slept.

Circular App Sleep Analysis Circle

Circadian Rythm

Science shows that sleep must follow a light/darkness cycle, your natural chronotype and that the more consistent you are with your sleep and wake times, the better sleep you'll get. Kira makes recommendations that match up with your chronotype to achieve higher consistency.

What you are missing out on a non efficient sleep
Immune system against illnesses, cardiovascular and health diseases
Learning and memory capacity
Metabolism and weight management
Cognitive ability and focus
Mood and social intelligence
Energy and productivity
Ability to handle stress and mental breakdown
How well do you know about your sleep?
How much sleep should you get?
Your duration of real sleep?
The duration of your sleep cycle?
Your number of sleep cycle?
What is your optimal sleep schedule?
Your rem sleep duration?
Your deep sleep duration?
Your sleep quality?
How to lower your time to fall asleep?
Do you have sleep inertia, sleep apnea?
What is the effect of your current sleep on your energy?

Circular will let you understand and improve all of these

A good waking experience for a good start of the day
Waking up in a light sleep stage helps to limit sleep inertia. If you are tired of waking up in a bad mood but would rather wake up with energy then Circular will help you. 

Smart, noninvasive and silent at the same time. Circular can study your sleep and smoothly wake you up during the light sleep stage, without disturbing your surroundings thanks to silent vibrations.
The circular ring has many other features including 24/7 activity tracking, wellness monitoring, energy score, alert notifications, smart controls and more.