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Everything you need to better understand your body and empower your daily life

Control your ring, visualize your trends, your progress and benefit from personalized advice to energize your life and improve your daily performance over the long term



Circular App Alarm Clock Circle

Personal & smart Alarm Clock

Finally a good waking experience

Smart, noninvasive and silent at the same time. Circular can study your sleep and smoothly wake you up during the light sleep stage, without disturbing your surroundings thanks to silent vibrations

Wake up score

Determine what habits work best for you. A better score means a smoother wake up and less sleep inertia.

Smart alarm

Start your day on a good note. The Smart Alarm helps you get rid of sleep inertia by analyzing your sleep cycles and waking you up at the optimum moment.

Smart snooze

Never be late again. The snooze will repeat until the ring has detected that you are on your feet.

Week overview

Quickly view the alarms that are activated for your entire week.



Sleep Tracking

Understand and improve your sleep with simple and impactful insights

Circular analyses your body signals during your sleep to help you keep track of its efficiency while helping you to improve its quality

Sleep quality score

The score reflects how well you slept based on valuable metrics calculated during your sleep.

Sleep overview

Quickly overview the times you slept. Edit your sleep logs.

Sleep metrics

See the result of each sleep component so that you can directly identify what to change. Sleep/wake detection, Naps detection, Real sleep, Sleep debt, Time to fall asleep, Sleep stages monitoring, Circadian Rhythm, Disturbances, SpO2, HR, Night HRV, Sleep quality score©.

Sleep graphs

In depth insights about the sleep metrics. You can compare to your own short- and long-term trends and get to know your evolution.

Actionable recommendations

Kira is here to help you improve your sleep on the long term.

Circular App Sleep Analysis Circle


Circular Energy Levels

Wellness Monitoring

Find the perfect balance

Monitor your overall wellness and energy with day & night advanced cross analyses

Wellness metrics

Make your own wellness extra correlation with advanced metrics. Day HRV, Heart recovery, RHR, Sleep balance, Live heart rate, VO2 max, Energy Score©.

Energy score

The score reflects your energy level for the day based on your sleep and activity data. Get to know when you can push yourself to max out your daily performances or when you may take it easy.

Wellness graphs

You can compare your wellness metrics to your own short- and long-term trends and get to understand the impact of your lifestyle on your well-being in order to improve it.

Actionable recommendations

Kira will detect your trends and make recommendations for you to stay healthy and be at the top of your game.



Alert notifications

Connected. Not distracted.

Calendar, reminders, timer or social notifications right on your finger with discreet vibrations to never miss out on what's important to you

Notification sources
Circular App Alerts Circle

Smart controls

Control your surroundings

Immediate action on the things you do most. Control your devices thanks to your ring’s button.

Compatible devices




Streaks & badges

Stay in good shape while having fun

Get a badge that matches your performance in the Circular community. Earn a streak star when your Global score© is excellent. Try to accumulate these streaks from day to day without breaking the series to get the highest score.

Circular App Leaderboards


Challenge yourself in your progress

Share your wellness performances and feel ready to compete among the top individuals in the Circular community.

The circular ring is hardware ready for future features.

With your Circular ring purchase also comes all future updates. With a simple firmware update you'll be using brand new features in no time.



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