We help you achieve your goals

Circular provides a custom range of tools paired with the Circular ring that can help address your enterprise challenges

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We approach your company as a way to apply our expertise in order to solve your problems

Our custom solutions help many different industries

We can help you with remote fleet biometrics monitoring

The Circular remote fleet monitoring platform will help you monitor multiple users at the same time and let you make better decisions from a micro and macro perspective.

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We can help you with various measurement and analysis applications

We digitize and facilitate real-world data collection thanks to our customized solutions to meet your needs.

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We can help you monitor and promote wellness across your organizations

Promote better health practices within your organizations, engage your employees and build a performing team.

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API or Custom SDK

Integrate Circular data into your plateforme using the API. Or develop your custom features with our SDK.

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Research Institutions
Medical professionals
Retirement homes
Sports teams

Empower your own activities with Circular solutions

A wide range of trustworthy data

Our devices will allow you to exploit more than 48 different types of data to retrieve accurate and reliable measurements.

Easy to use

Circular devices are easy to use, have long lasting battery life, are waterproof, have great memory capacities so that users can focus on their activities, not on the device.

Continuous wear

Circular devices are designed to be worn 24/7, allowing your teams to remotely collect complete data and gain insight over longer periods of time.