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Wake up feeling refreshed
Revolutionize your mornings with Circular's silent and personal alarm clock. If you're tired of being jolted awake by blaring alarms or waking up feeling groggy and unrefreshed, it's time to try Circular.

A powerful tool for smarter decision

Your energy levels aren’t just about how you feel; it's about what’s happening inside your body and mind as it adapts to daily stressors before you feel it. Circular gives you quantified metrics, so you make informed decisions each day.

Sleek, comfortable, and discreet

Circular is a smart ring with biosensors that analyzes your sleep staging to wake you up at the best moment through silent and personal vibrations. 

Perfect for

People who don't want to be woken up by their partner's alarm
Anyone who wants to be effective directly after waking up
People who have a hard time waking up

Enjoy the following original features:

Silent & personal alarm clock through gentle vibration

Say goodbye to loud, disruptive alarms that wake up everyone around you 

A smart alarm that wakes you up during your light sleep stage

Wake up feeling energized and refreshed 

A smart snooze that won't stop snoozing until you physically wake up

Snooze without worrying about oversleeping

Get feedback score about your wake up

Learn how to start your day off on the right foot

Create a waking-up routine

A simple way to visualize and organize your week

Ready to upgrade your mornings?
Ready to upgrade your mornings?