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Want better Health?
Get engaged with your Energy levels.
Improve your energy levels and immune system like never before thanks to sophisticated tracking, easy-to-read insights and pertinent recommendations.
Circular Energy Levels

Improve your energy levels

The Energy score is the ultimate score that tells you how much energy you have accumulated for the day. It is made up of many night and day markers so that you can evaluate your vitality and know every morning if you can surpass yourself or if you may avoid an over-training, or intensive activities.

Data you can count on

Circular calculates your energy levels based on many physiological contributors: Physical Activity, Sleep, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Blood Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate. These metrics are calibrated to your baseline, which means that your score is personal to you.

A powerful tool for smarter decision

Your energy levels aren’t just about how you feel; it's about what’s happening inside your body and mind as it adapts to daily stressors before you feel it. Circular gives you quantified metrics, so you make informed decisions each day.

The effect of your sleep on your energy, the effect of your activities on your sleep

By wearing Circular 24/7, you’ll get feedback on every moment of the day. Kira will reveal how your body is responding to things like physical activity, rest, stress, travel, and work, so you can find the right balance and make smarter decisions when it comes to recovery or training.

Data driven training

Getting the most out of training doesn’t always require working harder: it requires working smarter. Quantify your physical activities and optimize your effort with heart rate training range.

Biohack your way to energy gain
Make the most of your day by improving your energy

1. Track your energy levels each day and trends over time.
2. Understand your body and learn about the parameters that impact your energy levels and how it correlates with your sleep & activities.
3. Build better habits for better performance.
Fueled by Science
Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Blood Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate get a lot of attention nowadays. It has uses for athletes to optimize their training, for professionals and individuals wanting to check on overall wellness and is studied globally for its correlation to our autonomic nervous system and stress. The HRV analysis is a powerful and reliable metric that is made easy to track with Circular.
Designed for your everyday use
The Circular ring is designed for your everyday use as the most unobtrusive and fashionable solution to track your health at any moment of your life.