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Your own sleep cycle. Basics n°2 about sleep

Simply put, when we sleep we go through several stages of sleep. These stages together constitute a sleep cycle and these sleep cycles will repeat several times during our sleep until we wake up definitely (yes definitely, because we wake up many times without knowing it during our nights).

You will read everywhere that a sleep cycle lasts around 90 minutes. But this remains an approximation as a common average. In reality, sleep cycles duration is not the same for everybody, it’s completely personal. The duration of sleep cycles varies between 70- and 110+ minutes. Moreover, the length of your cycles varies throughout your nights, and will not be the same from one night to another. Several factors will also influence the structure of your cycle, such as your age, activity, your fatigue, and your stress.

Sleep cycle example

But why does it matter to know the duration of your own sleep cycles?

Knowing the duration of your sleep cycles helps you understand the structure of your sleep. And it will help you deduce how much sleep you need when you are physically active or not, when you are tired or not.

Knowing the duration of your sleep cycles can also be useful as long as you want to benefit from a smart waking up. Basically, not cutting off your recovery cycles by waking up in the middle of it and enjoying the full cycle by waking up at the right time. Indeed, waking up in the light sleep stage will make you feel more refreshed and will put you in a good mood to tackle your day. So if you want to be able to calibrate yourself to enjoy whole cycles and to wake up naturally in your light sleep stage, you will have to know the duration of your own sleep cycle to calculate your bedtime. That’s why this 90-minutes duration is used wrongly.

It is therefore complicated to know the duration of your sleep cycles on your own and without a tracking device.

The Circular ring detects at a clinical level, thanks to your heart rate & your movements, the duration of your sleep cycles and analyzes in real-time in which stage of sleep you are to wake you up silently during light sleep.