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How to have a lucid dream

For most of us, we enter a lucid dream after some tensions of a nightmarish situation, or after the questions raised by an irrational element during a dream.

But those lucid dreams are random. So are there any techniques to experiment lucid dreams in a less random way? 

The answer is yes… well, at least they allow you to put yourself in better conditions to be able to experience lucid dreams.

Psychological conditioning

In order to create the right frame of mind, you must be convinced that your dreams are important to you. Are you enthusiastic about lucid dreams? Enthusiasm is the key. The subconscious is strongly influenced by emotions. The more you wish to have a lucid dream, the more likely you are going to have it.

Dream lucidly for a purpose

Wanting to dream lucidly only for the purpose of having one is very complicated. When the time will come, you won’t want to wonder “What do I do now?”.

You need to find a purpose for dreaming lucidly. Do you want to talk to a specific person? To fly away? To go to a specific place? To train to speak in public? The scope of possibilities is very large! Everyone could have a different reason to dream lucidly.

Keep a journal of dreams

The goal is to train your brain to get closer to your subconscious, to link your dream with the reality while learning about your dreams. You have to precisely remember your dreams and write them down in a journal. You will notice recurring themes (places, people, actions) that come back in your dreams, which will later help you to realize that you are dreaming.

Tip: When you take time to remember your dreams in the morning, it is very important that you stay perfectly still, do not move or you will risk dissipating all of your memories.

The stabilization of lucid dreams

If you are at the stage where you get to realize that you are dreaming but yet can not take control of it or where you wake up instantly when you realize it, then you need to practice stabilization of your dreams. One of the techniques is to analyze the details during your dream, look closely at your environment, your hands, or your body while realizing that it’s a dream. This will allow you to make your dreams stronger and get used to not panicking in your dreams. 

The reality checks

You have probably seen the movie called Inception where they use a spinning top to find out if they are in a dream or in the reality. 

Reality checks Circular

This is not a random invention of the film director, it is one of the techniques used to test reality. These reality checks will confirm the answer to the question: “Am I awake or am I dreaming?” 

You need to get used to do these tests throughout your daily life to end up doing it during your dreams. Many other techniques exist such as checking if you correctly have your watch on your wrist or your Circular ring on your finger. Checking if the details of the lines of your hand or your ring match with reality or if you have the correct number of fingers.

Even if in a dream you end up doubting your environment, the conclusion that it is indeed a dream is not automatic and far from obvious, and if this conclusion eludes you, you quickly lose the spark of lucidity and plunge back into the dream.

Conclusion: The introspective observation 

By following these tips, you should be able to be in good conditions to dream lucidly. They will help you to be more and more conscious during your dreams. 

For those who have already achieved lucid dreaming, it is normal that there are times when you will be able to have lucid dreams in abundance and other times when you can not have them at all. 

Denholm J. Aspy of the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide and his colleagues conducted a study that allows subjects to have lucid dreams much more frequently. If you want to know more about it and how Circular can be a tool to do it click here: “Lucid dreams: Circular Ring, the perfect tool”

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Laurent Bsalis

Laurent is passionate about biohacking and tries his best to be a better version himself. He also eats too much ice cream which is a problem.

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